Our restaurants

We work in Kyiv since 2015. We have three restaurants on:

- Saksahanskoho 57а
- Bogdanda Khmelnitskoho 3b, next to Hreshatyk, TSUM and metro Teatralna
- Rognedinska 4a, next to metro Palats Sporta.

Our dishes

We strive to prepare traditional Crimean Tatar dishes the same way as they are prepared at home, by our parents and grand parents. All recipes are traditional, we are not keeping them a secret - they are the same as most recipes that can be found on the internet. There are no secret ingredients :)

We see our main job as making dishes the way they should be made - tasty, always freshly cooked, and from the best available products in season. We also meticulously follow the recipes.

We also test and control everything - often and by everyone involved - cooks, service, owners. We also try to ask, listen and follow up on any comments or complaints of our guests.


Our goal is to let our guests feel as close as possible to our home in Bakhchisaray. We tried to keep service attentive, simple and fast.

We try to make sure that all our guests are fully satisfied with their Musafir visit or online order. Unfortunately, we also sometimes make mistakes. In each such case that we hear about, we try to make sure we find out and fix the problem or try compensate for our guests' negative experience. We are always open to and grateful for feedback and criticism via any channel available to our guests - phone, e-mail, social media comments, ratings, direct feedback to restaurant staff and owners.